Yamaha P-2200 in the house

Yamaha P-2200

Beaten up and left for dead, this guy was saved into my workshop, moments before being condemned to the scrap heap. Despite looking like (and probably having) it’s spent the last decade in a barn, it does power up and play. Sure, the power switch is broken and the right channel is stuck in pure class B … And the thermal overload LED is permanently lit, and a few bulbs are out. And some screws and the “rack feet” are missing. But it plays!


HP L1906 power supply failure

HP L1906 PCB

HP L1906, manufactured in February, 2007, model no. HSTND-2L09

Symptoms unknown; screen was not powered on before disassembly.

Electrolytic capacitors C822, C823 and C824 (1000 µF/10 V, bottom center of image) had failed. They are situated on a 5 V rail and can be substituted by 6,3 V units. They were successfully replaced by various used low-ESR capacitors. C824 and C822 are connected in parallel and can be replaced by one 2200 µF component.  The 35 V capacitors on the inverter power rail were in good condition and as such were not replaced.