Teleton hifi ta500

Teleton hifi ta500 - fresh into the shop.

I picked up this Teleton hifi ta500 for cheap the other day since Teleton was a to me unknown brand. Despite the very European sounding name (and oh-so 70’s German looks), the unit is made in Japan. It features such utterly lovely Japanese features such as exterior grid fuses under the same cover as the speaker fuses, and voltage selection by inserting fuses into different sockets. Indeed, the previous owners had gotten them confused, causing the unit to flip my breaker when I first plugged it in!

My unit missed the fuse cover as well, so it was quite fortunate that I got my hands on it before someone got seriously hurt. Unfortunately, the fuse designations must be printed on that cover, as my fuses were completely unlabelled. As aforementioned, voltage selection for the unit is set by inserting fuses in different sockets rather than by a switch. Experimentation revealed that the order is:

Speaker, speaker, 230V, 120V(?), 110V/100V(?)

Inserting fuses into all three “voltage selection” sockets will directly short-circuit the plug.

The relatively large transformer aside, the inside is quite generic.

There is absolutely nothing remarkable about the inside of this unit. It’s a bog standard STK461 based amplifier with tone control and a radio. I suppose it’s a good thing, as it’s very hard to screw such a design up. It runs on a fairly high voltage for the STK461, about +/-30V. The transformer is relatively big for a 20WPC amp – the 4700µF caps are not. The tuner is absolutely horrific, and would barely pick up any channels at all where all other units I own will.

The unit is otherwise fairly sturdily built and I can see it taking a lot of physical abuse without failing. Mine cleaned up quite nicely, but it’s not a keeper for that.

It took a lot of fiddling to get that stereo LED to light. I'll probably never replace the broken bulbs in it.


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