Akai AA-1010

AKAI AA-1010, fresh on the bench!

On the same town’s trip that I picked up the rather terrible Teleton, I picked up this considerably more awesome Akai. One channel didn’t fire when the seller so kindly demonstrated it, but that’s never stopped me before. The problem proved to be very simple once I got it into the shop: The speaker terminals had jammed open. Some contact spray cleared that right up!

Aside from some hard smudges, it's in quite good shape. Let the cleaning commence.


An hour of my standard faceplate cleaning techniques didn’t work on this dirt, so I decided to let this guy be the test subject for something I’ve never done before: Silver polish. To the words of warning not to use it on textured silver, I paid no heed. And . . .

Silver polish. It works.

The result was above all expectations. It took a fair bit of rubbing to get the polish residue out of the brushed aluminium, but it was very much a worthwhile endeavour. The faceplate looks like new.

The knobs cleaned up fine with only AJAX, alcohol and lots'a rubbin'.

That's the shine of a keeper.

The radio is fantastic in this thing. It picks up all channels that it should, and it does it noiselessly and in stereo!

I also took the time to do an RMAA run of it, since I was curious as to how it compares to my Pioneer SX-424, a receiver in the same class.

Fairly predictable results. 14WPC into an 8-ohm dummy load. Stereo separation improves drastically under 10WPC (>52dB).

The results are roughly what I’ve come to expect from cap-coupled receivers in this class, although I do wonder if that low-end bulge is intentional or not. Smart marketing if it is, shoddy engineering or out-of-spec components if it isn’t. I might take the time to re-cap this receiver some time in the future to see which it is.


3 thoughts on “Akai AA-1010

  1. Wait while I get my sunglasses… Man that thing shines like new:-)
    The 1010 was Akai’s cheapest model at the time, around 1977. Not bad that it still works after 35 years!

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