Samsung Syncmaster 206BW power supply failure

Samsung Syncmaster 206BW power supply

The screen would squeal and flash its power LED, showing no other signs of life. The two 1000µF/25V capacitors (C263 and its mate) had failed. They sit on the 13V rail. They were successfully replaced by two used 1500µF/16V Nichicon KZG. All other capacitors tested OK, and were not replaced.

The screen also suffers from a loud buzzing noise when the brightness is turned down. I have not been able to identify the fault, but I believe it to be a fault in the lower CCFL of the panel itself.

Worth noting is that the screen had only logged a run-time of 3000 hours in the service menu before the power supply failed . . .


2 thoughts on “Samsung Syncmaster 206BW power supply failure

  1. Ready to work on a pair tomorrow.
    One buzzed for a year, then would come on dark and shut down. Opened up and ESR’ed all caps OK. Purchased one of two inverter transformers, will put in.
    Any further findings?

    • I’ve not seen a 225BW with issues other than the PSU caps. However, I have seen a few 22 ” panels from that time that had poor quality CCFLs that would fail prematurely. That kind of CCFL failure can, if they get bad enough, often be spotted by an ozone smell and rust on the panel assembly.

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