LG L1932P-SF power supply failure

LG L19NP-A. manufactured in October 2006, model no. L19NP-A

The screen was completely dead. It showed no signs of life what-so-ever, not even a squeal.

Electrolytic capacitor C204 (1000 µF/16 V) had failed with a bulging top and bottom. Capacitors C202 and C205 (both 1000µF/25 V) measured within capacitance spec, but both were well under 900 µF. The rest of the electrolytic capacitors on the board measured within spec and were not replaced.

C204 is clearly bulging.

C204. ESR is out of range.

C202. ESR and capacitance are within spec, but both values are well worse than nominal values quoted in the datasheet.

New capacitors in place.