A doble-sided keyboard mishap with springs

OH dear.

Pictured above is my IBM Model N2 keyboard, mere moments after getting disassembled in a rather unprofessional manner. It had been acting up, so I figured that I’d take it apart and try to fix it. I should have looked for some instructions first.

I think you should be able to spot what I did to remedy the problem.

The small SMD electrolytic caps had gone bad. The 2.2µF unit got replaced by a 4.7µF one without any obvious problems arising from it. I added some “China goo” to keep them in place afterwards.

Typing off-key (geddit? GEDDIT?)

T-t-t-time laaaaaaapse!

All springs in place!

There's something satisfying about clicking a hundred keys back in place.

Of course, ONE key didn't work as it should.

I’m leaving that for the future, though. When the spring is place, it triggers all the time. It sort of works without the spring, so I’ll fix it when I’ve got the patience.


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