A use for sleeve bearing Yate Loon fans

My basement workshop was not designed with heating in mind, the only heaters present being placed ten centimetres from the roof, with the goal of providing heating for the floor above. I’ve previously used a pair of fifteen-year-old, ball bearing Nidec Beta V fans to circulate the air around the room, but no matter what power they’re running at, their old bearings vibrate enough to cause every last radiator in the house to convey their music.

Three broken cheap-o Yate Loons and a 10V cable wart.

The solution I came up with was to use the ever growing collection of worn down, sleeve bearing Yate Loons that I’ve got. They all come from old computer power supplies, where they’ve reached their EOL with that classic “RRR” noise of sleeve bearings used in horizontal fans.However, they will work reasonably well if they’re turned upright (as in the picture above) or flipped around (with the motor facing down), which is how I’ll use them.

Boxers or briefs?

The big, white fans are the old Nidec Beta V units that I used to use for the same purpose.


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