PS/2: Floppy drive water damage!

Catastrophe! It wouldn’t read floppies! Without a floppy drive, the only method of data input is the keyboard, and that’s not a good way to get drivers onto the system!
Oh, no!

That's not the colour copper is supposed to have.

Luckily, I do have a donor system saved up for just this sort of thing, and thus, the testing commenceth! Unfortunately, it wasn’t as easy as just swapping floppy drives. While the donor system’s drive was compatible, the computer wouldn’t read it, despite it working in the donor.

Oh, yeah.

This is how they reproduce.

The first thing to get tested was the floppy cable. It’s routed under the motherboard, so I had to get reasonably creative to test it.

It wasn’t the problem. The actual problem was that the moisture-damaged floppy drive somehow had damaged the motherboard. I replaced the motherboard in my computer (I forgot to take pictures of the process, sorry!) with the one from the donor machine, and then it was all fine. I may or may not try to fix the original motherboard, the thought of having the same everything as much as possible in this computer is quite appealing, I think.

Until then, drivers!

Cruisin' in overdriver

16 colours, here I come!


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