IBM PS/2 nostalgia

You aren’t going to believe it when I tell you, but I had at least as much fun with this as all the other kids had with their Sony PS2 systems. I picked this up from my dad’s cellar the other day, in hopes of playing the Mario clone, Monster Bash and TD2 on it again.

It was only lightly brushed off before I put it in the car. It doesn't look too bad, considering that it's been lying under a sawing bench for the last eight or so years.

Only slight sawdust leakage around the front panel.

I like the power-to-size ratio of the power supply.

30MB, that's less than the RAM in most cell phones these days, yet it's got two operating systems inside, with over 20MB to spare.

You don't see that on new diskette drives.

A proper motherboard, that is. Not a single BGA package to be seen!

Nor any heatsinks, for that matter. 10MHz of raw, 16-bit power.

1MB of RAM, in 256kB modules. If I were to have 1/30th of my HDD in RAM today, I'd have 30GB of RAM.

My PS/2 has got 2 PS/2 ports.

Those are all the pictures that I took before I hooked it up for the first time. The question is, of course, after all these years of neglect, will it still run?

Oh, yes!

That’s the original keyboard that came with it. I scavenged it from the same basement about a year ago. It’s been cleaned up, and aside from one broken spring, it’s in great condition.

It’s awfully tempting to try and get my hands on a fitting monitor for this set-up. I think I’ve got a mouse for it somewhere (I also know that I turned the original one into a camera remote control. Stupid, stupid, stupid!). I’d love to play all my childhood games in their original, flickery EGA/VGA glory.


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