Acer AL1711 power supply failure

Acer AL1711, manufactured in December 2004, model no. ET.L1307.214

The screen would rapidly flash its power LED, without any other sign of life.

All electrolytic capacitors, except for the main rectifier capacitor and C121 and C120 (to the right of the transformer in the picture), had failed. C117 and its mate were collectively and successfully replaced by one 16V/1500µF Chemi-Con KZG. It was, however, later replaced by a pair of 25V/470µF Nichicon HE, due to the KZG being too tall to fit in the casing. The capacitor between the heatsink and the CFL transformer was also replaced by one 25V/470µF Nichicon HE. They are all situated on a roughly 12V rail, so using 16V caps is no problem.


Acer AL1716 power supply failure

Acer AL1716, manufactured in July 2006, Model no. ET.1716P.175

The screen would flash its power LED and squeal. The backlight would not come on.

All electrolytic capacitors in the power supply, except for the main rectifier capacitor and the small one by the transformer, had failed. Replacement by Nichicon HE and Chemi-Con KY of the same values fixed the issue.